Joshua 16-18

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As you read today’s reading I want to encourage you to print out the map from Chapters 12-15, listen to the reading from your favorite audio bible (or from and click on the audio for a version it is available for), and notice where these tribes are located.

I also want to encourage you to look for a current map so you can see what is in these locations TODAY.  When you begin to look at the bible as history and what things are like today …. It is easier to see why there is so much fighting in the land today.

Are you beginning to recognize any of the names and remember who they go with, or even why things happened? If so…isn’t that exciting!!  If not… it is OK…the more we read, the more we remember.

Chapter 16 – Remember Joseph’s portion of land went to his two sons (Ephraim and Mannasseh) whom Jacob (Joseph’s father) considered as his own and gave them a double portion.  Look at the size of the portions of land each tribe received.  In case you are just joining us or popping in for the day you can read about this double portion more in Genesis 48.   The map I am referring to is on the read for Joshua 12-15.

Look at verse 10 – “they did NOT dislodge the Canaanites living in Gezer…”  They did not do EXACTLY what God had asked them to do.  You can read more about what God commanded them to do in Joshua 13:1-6 or email me with any questions at  and be sure to use the SUBJECT field and place BLOG in it.  Or, you can ALWAYS ask your questions right on the blog…. I would love to see a conversation happen right on the blog.

Chapter 17 – In Numbers 27:1, Zelophehad, had no sons, only daughters and they asked Moses could they inherit land since they had no brothers.  The beauty in their asking (since women in the past were not allowed to inherit land) was tremendous.  And the fact that God told Moses to add a law so that other women in similar circumstances would inherit property shows God’s compassion.   Joshua is now dividing the land among them.  They are part of the tribe of Manasseh and each of the 5 sisters was allotted land.

Again, in verse 12 we see that the Tribe of Manasseh did not destroy the Canaanites.  As the Israelites grew, they subjected the Canaanites to forced labor.  The tribe of Manasseh begins to have some fear about their land, and complains.  Joshua reminds them how powerful they are and how great they will become.  Yet we will see in Judges that their failure to “conquer” the land will have consequences.

Chapter 18 – The seven tribes who had not yet been assigned land gathered in Shiloh where Joshua cast lots to determine which areas would be given to them.  Shiloh was the hub city. It is where the decisions were made, lots were cast and the tabernacle was located at this point, and will stay there for about 300 years. Joshua was obeying what God had told him to do in the land divisions. At that time the “sacred lottery” was the way for GOD to make the decision of where HIS people would go … NOT JOSHUA or ANY other man!!  Joshua asked the Israelites in verse 3 “HOW LONG will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of you fathers, has given you?”  The Tribes were hesitant to conquer the land which would have meant destroying the remaining Canaanites …. As God had instructed them to do.  It was easier and more profitable (for now) for them to trade for goods than to destroy the suppliers and have to provide for themselves.  Their actions revealed their lack of discipline, poor stewardship of time and in some cases, disobedience to God.  OUCH!!  Remember Canaanites are nomadic people…. They will wander…and spread out… gather together in numbers….continue in their pagan practices which will pull the Israelites in….. and grow in strength.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding with the late posts.  We will all be back on track soon.

Sharing HIS love,


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