HOLY WEEK — ASCENSION — Monday after Easter

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The Ascension did not happen on the Monday following Easter/the Resurrection.  However, I believe it is very important that we understand that after Jesus’ RESURRECTION he remained on earth for 40 additional days to teach HIS disciples  more.  After the 40 days he told them that the Holy Spirit would come to them.  They were to wait on HIM so they could do all that Jesus did …. and MORE.

Here is an awesome song to bring you into a moment of praise with your Lord.  It is “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” by Larnelle Harris and Sandy Patti….. may you be richly blessed through HIM.

At the Ascension, and after the 40 additional days that Jesus was on the earth, HE was taken up to heaven for the last time (Acts 1:9-11).  As the disciples watched HIM go, two angels appeared and declared to them that, just as HE ascended, Jesus would return in glory.

When we put the accounts from the scriptures together we discover that after His resurrection, Jesus appeared several times to His disciples and others. During this time, He spoke to them further about the kingdom of God and the coming of the Holy Spirit, for whom they were to wait (Acts 1:2-9).

God is in EVERY detail of this HIS wonderful WORD of HOPE.  HE does not use ONE extra word that does not need to be there.  HE is our HOPE.  HE is our REDEEMER.  HE is our REFUGE.  HE is our HIGH Priest.  HE made the FINAL BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR OUR SINS.  HE is all we EVER NEED.

Regardless of what any of us are going through … GOD IS IN CONTROL AND HE HAS A PURPOSE.  Some things we bring on our selves .. somethings simply happen …. yet through it all … HE IS LORD OF LORD AND KING OF KINGS.  HE HAS made arrangements for US to spend life to the full while we are on earth (if we BELIEVE in and remain FOCUSED on HIM) AND…. so we may eventually spend ALL eternity with HIM.

The significance of the Ascension (whether a church celebrates it or not is NOT the point…. the Word tells us it happened!!)  It reminds us of  several things:

  1. The glorious and triumphant return of Christ in HIS resurrection.
  2. That HIS second coming,  HIS final return is near.
  3. The Kingdom of God is within our hearts, and God writes HIS Word upon our hearts now (rather than on tablets of stone).
  4. The ever-present Holy Spirit WHO lives within us, is watching over and protecting us as we GO and spread good news of the Gospel to all the world.
  5. Because of Jesus’ Resurrection, the Holy Spirit dwells within us and we have the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT growing inside of us.
  6. The fact that Jesus was resurrected from the grave and ascended to the right hand of the Father is the source of our hope (1 Peter 1:3).

We know that all who BELIEVE in Him and ask HIM by FAITH into their hearts to be the Lord and Savior of their life, will one day be with Him in heaven….. forever and ever… AMEN!!

Holy Week ascension[1]

Sharing HIS love and rejoicing in FAITH at thought of HIS second coming


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