Numbers 33-34

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Deja vu … all over again .. right???  Yes, you have read some of this before, but Moses is retelling the places where they have been since the Exodus.  Do you recognize any of the names?  A few of them actually rang bells in my head (which I am so thankful for because it means I did remember some things I read this year and last year.)  WHAT a glorious gift memory is!!!!  🙂

I am also so impressed that through the first 40 years of Moses life …. As a prince in Egypt …. He was taught so many things…. Probably even warfare tactics AND… all about the Egyptians false gods.  YET Moses remained faithful to GOD!!!  God uses everything for HIS glory. And HE uses (yesterday, today, and always) the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary!!!

Chapter 33– Vs 3: Passover, remember this was the FINAL plague that got them OUT of EGYPT.  The Israelites had to be prepared for this event.  God told Moses to instruct them to bring an innocent animal into their homes and then on the night they were told … they were to spread the animal’s BLOOD on their door posts so the Angel of Death would PASS OVER them!!  NONE of their firstborn male children would be killed if they followed HIS instructions.  Remember the unleavened bread… they had to be ready to DEPART EGYPT IMMEDIATELY after this happened … NO time for the yeast to rise… AND … no SINs to be taken with them.  AND.. if you are reading along in the Holy Week entries… TODAY… we are reading the day after PASSOVER, the day after The Last Supper was eaten…. GOOD FRIDAY!!!   OK.. I have goose bumps with God’s timing!!!  During EACH of these verses… WE can see the Lord’s hand upon them as HE DELIVERED them!!!  In good times and in bad times … even with Moses’ prayers… God DELIVERED HIS people and reminded US that HE ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES!!!

Vs 5: Succoth, during the Exodus they stopped there, made bread so quickly that they didn’t wait for it to rise. (They now celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread).

Vs 6: Etham….the Parting of the Red Sea!  WHAT a witness this was for the Israelites to SEE how awesome their God was!!

Vs 8: Marah….After the people GRUMBLED….  God turned the Marah water sweet.

Vs 9:  Elim —  God brought them to the Springs and the Palm trees for refreshment.  FRESH water from springs and FRESH fruit from the palm trees….. a time to REST in HIM.

Vs 12: Desert (or Wilderness) of Sin.  God brought the Israelites all they needed to survive in the Desert….Manna, water ….  and ummmmmm….. Quail!!!!  DO you remember WHY he brought the quail???

Vs 14: Rephidim….no water to drink (a little more grumbling).  The Lord told Moses to TOUCH the rock and water was brought forth in FAITH.

Vs 15.  Mt. Sinai (aka Mt Horab) ….  Burning Bush AND  10 Commandments …. (twice)

Vs 16.  Kibroth Hatttaavah…God HEARD their grumbling, whining, complaining and HE gave them their meat OK….. those who began to eat the quail DIED while the meat was hanging out of their mouth before they could even chew it.  God was angry because HIS people had seen all the plagues, the Red Sea, and so much more…. But SADLY they did not TRUST or BELIEVE HIM.

Vs 17: Hazeroth — Miriam and Aaron show a little sibling rivalry disguised as a complaint about Moses second wife who was not an Israelite (neither was his first!!).  God gave her leprosy for a week….. which truly was God’s grace…. He could have had her killed or left her in the desert alone for the rest of her life…. And did I mention mercy???

Vs 34 – Ezion Geber – marked 40 years and they had lacked NOTHING they needed … THINK about it…. their clothing did not wear out… their shoes did not wear out…. They always had animals, birds, oil, and grain for sacrificing….

Vs 36 — Kadesh, in the Desert of Zin — Miriam died

Vs 37 —  Mount Hor – Aaron died

Vs 40:  King Arad, a Canaanite king (do you remember “arad” meant “wildass”.  We read this on the same day as Balaam!!!  THIS was where they asked the Lord to help them in battle…and the Lord did!!  They WON 🙂 .. then complained  😦  …..then came the plague of poisonous snake bites….Moses was instructed by God to make the bronze snake so when they looked upon it they would be healed by their FAITH.   Bronze snake on cross like Jesus on cross … we are healed by our FAITH IN HIM!!

Vs 43 — Oboth.  Making their way to the Promised Land, near the outskirts of Moab …. Surrounded by believers of many gods and picking up bad habits with each stop!!!

Vs48 — Plains of Moab near Jericho…God used a sorcerer named Balaam so HIS people could NOT be cursed by the Moabites and Midianites.  It is also the story where Balaam has a chance to speak with his ass!!  (I laugh each time I think of that story.) 🙂

Vs 49 — Shittim….WHAT a name for a place!!!! The Israelites BOLDLY bring their new found enjoyment of sex worship before others gods HOME with them… IN TO the camp…. Phinehas SAVED the day when he stabbed the couple in the midst of their  “fun”.

Did you notice that God ended Chapter 33 by telling Moses to tell HIS people…. To KILL ALL of the Canaanites… NO exceptions… NO young boys, NO women of ANY AGE, No IDOLS, NO statues, NONE of their altars…..NOTHING…. NOTHING…… NOTHING….was to be left that could “lead them into temptation” and take their eyes off of THEIR GOD!!!  WHAT a powerful word this is for us today!!  What do we read, what do we watch on TV, what do we listen to, who do we hang out with?????  IT ALL INFLUENCES US!!

Chapter 34 — God now gives Moses the boarders of the Promised Land —South, West, North and East — don’t you LOVE how detailed God is!!!  Moses is to divide the land into 9 and 1/2 tribes (2 1/2 tribes were the Transjordan tribes  from yesterday’s readings).  A leader is appointed to all 12 tribes.

Note: Levites do not get land allotted to them.  The Levites are the priests and are supported by the offerings and tithes.  The line of Joseph has 2 tribes….if you don’t remember why feel free to ask in comments or shoot me an email to  and be sure to use in your SUBJECT – BLOG so I don’t toss it 🙂

(Map of the boundaries of the intended Promise Land, verses current Israel today)

Numbers Promised Land 1904 1947


One Day the Lord WILL CLAIM that Land Again HIS!  It ALREADY started on May 14, 1948!!!  (Israel was able to declare their INDEPENDENCE!!) 🙂  🙂   🙂

Sharing HIS love,


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