HOLY WEEK — Good Friday

Last night while you were sleeping our LORD and SAVIOR was betrayed, tortured, and hung on a cross!!  Today He will die.  A LOT happened on this day in history.  TODAY … is a big read.  I am splitting it up a tad for you.  My heart is so torn in reading this… I have tears streaming for how HE was treated.  Yet, at the same time I have joy knowing that the goal that was set from the beginning of time was accomplished.  OH HOW HE LOVES YOU AND ME!!

I AM POSTING THIS TODAY AT 3:00PM because as you read the Scriptures, you will see 3:00PM was the time Jesus gave up HIS Spirit for us!!  HE died!!

The passion of Christ includes the time period from the night prior to the crucifixion of Jesus until his death upon the cross.  THIS is what we are reading about today.

You can click here for the 3 Scripture reads (all at once) for this  portion

Many of you may be asking WHY in the WORLD is this called “Good Friday” when such atrocities happened to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The events of this day were prophesied and foreshadowed through out the OT.  THIS was God’s plan… the TRINITY GOD’s plan… JESUS WAS BORN TO DIE!! Everything we read about today, is prophesy fulfilled!!  HIS crucifixion, HIS being pierced in HIS side, HIS saying “FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO,” the sinner next to HIM also on a cross who recognized WHO JESUS was and asked: “LORD REMEMBER ME” and Jesus said –“TODAY you will be with me in paradise,” HIS bones not being broken, HIS last breath yelling.. “IT IS FINISHED” and “ABBA FATHER!!,  HIS death,  SO where is the good news???

Jesus bore ALL of our sins on that cross.  OUR sins WERE on that cross with HIM. HE DID IT FOR us.. for YOU AND ME. HE was the final, PURE (NO SIN),  BLOOD sacrifice for us!!  NO MORE ANNUAL DAYS OF ATONEMENT… NO MORE HIGH PRIEST THAT WE HAD TO GO THROUGH TO SPEAK ON OUR BEHALF TO GOD!!!  And after his death….. three days later…. HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!!!  THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS!!  He  CONQUERED SIN AND DEATH… HE HOLDS THE KEYS TO OUR VICTORY OVER DEATH AND SIN!!! Therefore WE are VICTORIOUS… WE are more than CONQUERORS!!!  PRAISE GOD!!

So what happened on this day in history?

First a Jewish Trial.  THIS trial breaks ALL laws.  It was an illegal and false trial.

  1. Jesus will go before Annas (former High Priest, find-in-law to current High Priest.)  The Sanhedrin (Jewish Council) will go to him because they assume he is part of the “Good Ol Boys’ Club”.  Guess what HE DOES NOT FIND HIM GUILTY.
  2. Next HE goes to Caiaphas, the current appointed High Priest.  He could not find evidence OR TWO WITNESSES (required for a guilty verdict.)
  3. Before the Sanhedrin, they ask HIM if HE is the Son of God (God Himself).  Jesus….. says YES!!!!!   In their eyes, this was blasphemy, but only for Jewish people (except Jesus was telling the TRUTH!!! )

Now in order for the Gentiles to find HIM guilty a few things have to happen:

  1. To the Romans, they could not care less if HE is calling HIM self the Son of God.  So the Sanhedrin accused HIM of saying “Jesus said HE was the King of the Jews.” KING?????  ARE YOU SERIOUS????? KING???… THIS was a slap in the face to the Romans!!!   If the King in Rome, Tiberius Ceasar, heard of this,  OHHHHHHHHH man……. HE would be MAD!!!  (Kind of like… WHAT do you MEAN someone ELSE is calling themselves KING and TRYING to take MY place!!)  Then the Romans would come after them and bring greater rule over the Jewish people.  The Jewish people liked it the way it was… Rome did their thing and the Jews did their own as long as there as  there “no trouble among the people…. like saying there was another KING!!”  So what did they need to do to keep Rome happy and away from them … KILL HIM…. but…. but… I DON’T WANT THE JOB!!
  2. The Roman appointed Governor in Judea was Pilate (aka: Pontious Pilate).  Pilate passed the buck to Herod.
  3. Herod was appointed over Galilee.  HE SAW NOTHING criminal with Jesus so he passed HIM on too!!!  (It’s beginning to feel like a “game” of hot potato, hot potato!!)
  4. Herod sends Jesus BACK to Pilate!!  Pilate WASHED his hands of the matter (a law in Deut 21 meant “this man’s blood is NOT ON ME”!!!)


file_passionmovie_crowd Jesus beating



The second part of the reading is THE CRUCIFIXION.    Click here for the reading about this.  


This outline was put together by my mentor, Trish, last year in her blog.  I think it is a TOTALLY awesome view of the day to bring it to life in our time as we celebrate this Holy Week and the day of HIS crucifixion.

Jesus Hours on the Cross

Thursday night:

  • The last supper
  • Jesus prayed in Gethsemane
  • Jesus Arrested
  • At the house of Caiaphas

6:00 am to 7:00 am

  • Jesus taken before Pilate
  • Jesus sent to Herod

7:00 am to 8:00 am

  • Returned to Pilate
  • Sentenced

8:00 am to 9:00 am

  • Led to Calvary

9:00 “The 3rd hour” CRUCIFIED

10:00 am to 11:00 am

  • Jesus asks God to forgive them
  • The soldiers divide his clothes
  • The chief priests mock him

11:00 to Noon

  • The thief on the Cross is saved
  • Jesus speaks to Mary and John

Noon Darkness Came over the Land for 3 hours


  • Jesus says “My God why have you forsaken me?


  • Jesus says “it is Finished” “Father into your hands I commend my spirit

 3:00 pm. Jesus Dies

Do you realize how BRUTAL the treatment of Jesus was?  The word used throughout scripture (depending on the version you are reading) is scourged.  In researching scourged this word’s meaning is more than brutal.  Jesus was not simply beaten with sticks, or stoned.  His torturers had something called a cat of nine tails.  This cat of nine tails had a handle most likely made of leather and out of that handle came 12 long pieces of leather, strong leather.  Attached to EACH piece of leather (knotted and tied into each piece at different intervals) there was broke glass, jagged rocks, nails, broken pottery, and any other items that would be good for tearing the skin.  The soldierS beating Jesus with “their” cat of nine tails would not just hit HIM, but the rocks, glass, etc would break HIS skin and enter into HIS skin.  The soldierS would then jerk on their handle and PULL the ITEMS THROUGH HIS SKIN until they all came out.   MOST people did not survive this type of beating.  When the Bible tells us that BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED… it means stripes made by the cat of nine tails….. people witnessing this could SEE HIS BONES… they could SEE HIS ORGANS… HIS SKIN was HANGING from HIS BODY as HE carried HIS cross as far as HE could!!  HE was basically UNRECOGNIZABLE.  I am in tears as I write this.  THIS WAS BRUTAL TORTURE to a man who committed NO sin.  BUT HE DID THIS FOR US!!

The NOTORIOUS BARABBAS!!…. If he can be compared to anyone in our US history it may be Bin Laden, or Al Capone, or the people responsible for 9/11!!  Barabbas was BAD TO THE BONE!!!  He was so bad he was famous for being bad!!!  He was vile, and the most disgusting man in the LAND!!  And YET…. JESUS took the place of BARABBAS on the CROSS.  WE ARE BARABBAS!!! NO MATTER WHAT we did!! It does not matter what our sins have been …. no sin is greater or worse than any other.  SIN IS SIN!!!  Even the “tiniest sin” separates us from the love of God.  God wanted us to be REUNITED with HIM…. and the BLOOD of JESUS, making the final sacrifice for our sins was the ONLY way for our being REUNITED… REDEEMED…. RESTORED… ETC.!!

We are told in the Scriptures that Jesus said as HE was dying:  My God, My God WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME (Matt 26:46), IT IS FINISHED (John 19:30),  AND I COMMEND MY SPIRIT UNTO YOU.”  (Luke 23:46.)  Do you REALIZE HOW IMPOSSIBLE this ONE task would have been.  From commentaries I have read, people were hung on crosses in the manner they were hung so they would basically smother …. with arms nailed to the cross, and the chest cavity with the lungs being pulled down by gravity … there would eventually be NO way for anyone to take a breath.  Although HIS feet were nailed to the cross… he (or anyone nailed on a cross in this fashion would NOT have the strength to push on their feet to gain one more breath of air.  YET MIRACULOUSLY… JESUS was able to not only get HIS breath…. HE WAS ABLE TO SAY THINGS FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR!!!  FOR US TO HEAR!!!  HIS last words are nothing less than miracles and PROFOUND Words of knowledge for us TODAY!!!

When Jesus hung on the cross as a “common thief” … he bore our sins.  When he died…. BEHOLD the EARTH QUAKED AND THE ROCKS SPLITTHERE WAS DARKNESS ALL AROUND!!!  THE VEIL WAS TORN.  The curtain that hung between the Holy Place of the temple and the Holy of Holies….. was TORN from TOP to BOTTOM.  In various commentaries I have read it stated that these curtains were 4 feet thick!!!  They were NOT like a wedding veil we think about today!!!  GOD TORE them from TOP TO BOTTOM so WE could enter the HOLY OF HOLIES any time!!!!  At that MOMENT Jesus FULFILLED the prophesies!!!!  AHHHHH Haaaaaa… now are you seeing  why it is called GOOD FRIDAY!!!  NO longer could ONLY a HIGH PRIEST go into the HOLY OF HOLIES once a year… JESUS is our HIGH PRIEST and we have access to HIM ALL the time!!!  WE are NOW the Priesthood with Jesus as our High Priest.  NOTHING can EVER separate us from the love of GOD!!!– (Romans 14:14).   WE NOW EACH have a TRUE personal relationship with Jesus because of what HE did for us!!!

In case you would like to read the entire account of the Passion of Christ it is told in Matthew 26:46-27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 18:25-19.  Each account gives a little more insight.

I apologize that this entry is so long today!!  However, I truly felt the Lord urging me to share ALL of this.  And, if you stop and think about it … EACH part of this Scripture is PACKED with so many lessons for each of us.

It is 3:00PM…. IT IS FINISHED!!!

Holy Week Jesus on the cross

Sharing HIS deep, forever, abiding, glorious, forgiving, LOVE with you on this very day!!


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