HOLY WEEK – Day 2- Lazarus

Today’s read for our 2nd day of preparing for the Resurrection is John 11.  It is a little long, so enjoy your Friday by grabbing yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or water, sit down, relax, and dig in to the WORD about the death and resurrection of Lazarus.  I would LOVE to hear what treasures the LORD opens for you as you rest in HIS Word.

Click here to read John 11

Rome is the World Power and they have allowed the Jewish people to “self govern” as long as they don’t disturb anything.  Until now the self governing body called the Sanhedrin had been very quiet ….. UNTIL JESUS that is.  Jesus has made CERTAIN to SHAKE things up (Shake it up baby … shake it up baby.. ).  He is shaking them up JUST enough to make a noise but not so much as to get HIM self arrested….. well… not yet anyway.

NOW is the appointed time for Jesus to give HIS LIFE for us, ON THE PASSOVER!   So, WHAT will the LORD orchestrate that will be LOUD (Let’s get Loud… get loud)???  Ummmmmmm…… HOW ABOUT A RESURRECTION????  YEPPER…. that will definitely get some attention all right.  NOW we will have the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back for the Jewish people.  Caiaphas (the High Priest) says .. ENOUGH (enough is enough is enough)!!!  Jesus MUST die before Rome takes our whole nation under Roman Law.  We’ve been doing well…. we’ve been able to do what we want… and Rome has left us alone.  SURELY if Rome hears about Jesus they will come in and take us over!!! STOP HIM… KILL HIM…

THIS sets the whole CRUCIFIXION in motion!!  Watch how PERFECTLY the Plan of Salvation was laid out and begins to unfold.  NOTHING is a mistake!!  NOTHING is a coincidence!!  NOTHING can stop the plan.  It all happens on time.  It all happens in GOD’s PERFECT TIMING!!

Holy Week Raising Lazarus


Sharing HIS love,


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