Numbers 7

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Chapter 7 – Today’s reading was a bit of a challenge for me.  However, God has it there for a reason.  After reading it several times here are the things that stood out to me:

  1. All the leaders of the families of the 12 tribes brought gifts which were to be given to the Levites for their priestly duties.  Did you notice where it mentioned that the Kohathites were not given carts or oxen because they were to carry the most holy things on their shoulders?
  2. Once the tabernacle is completely set up, Moses anointed it and consecrated it (officially gave it back to the Lord.)
  3. ALL of the people participated in the offerings to the Tabernacle — it was EVERY one’s Tabernacle!!  It was not just for the priests or certain people … it was for EVERY ones.  In God’s wisdom, He wanted to make sure the people KNEW this, and how do we usually KNOW we are a part of something?  It is through our own participation.
  4. Although they were in the middle of the desert, without an abundance of things, they EACH still brought what was asked from the Lord.  Regardless of the size of the tribe, they all brought the same things.  HOW awesome would it be if EVERY one followed God’s leading TODAY……. WHAT a world it would be!!  AND what a huge impact we would make…. One by one… doing it for the Lord 🙂
  5. After the anointing, the consecration, and the offerings (over 12 days) THEN Moses entered into the Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle) to speak with the Lord. Verse 89 – HE HEARD THE VOICE SPEAKING TO HIM FROM BETWEEN THE TWO CHERUBIM ABOVE THE ATONEMENT COVER ON THE ARK OF THE TESTIMONY.  AND HE SPOKE WITH HIM. 

Moses went into speak to the Lord and he heard the LORD’s voice.  They spoke, they had a conversation.  I think about how awesome that must have been.  And then I realize …. I CAN, WE CAN do that EVERY second of EVERY day…. WE can speak DIRECTLY to God.  AND HE speaks to us through HIS Word and HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!

Some days we are to listen, some days we are to speak, some days we are to obey, some days we are simply to rest in HIM, some days we are to confess, some days we are to help others, and the list can go on and on…. But the sweet sweet thing is that WE… YOU and I…. can speak with HIM.  HE cares so much that HE does speak directly to each of us.  🙂

Sharing HIS love,


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