Leviticus 14-15

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Cleaning … cleaning…. cleaning….. Cleansing from defiling skin diseases, cleansing from defiling molds, discharges causing uncleanness…. It is all reminding me that I need to get ready to do some spring cleaning here.  Plus… some of this is downright gross and not to be read when you’re eating your lunch 🙂

As I read cleansing from defiling skin diseases I remembered poor Job when he was scratching his skin with broken clay pots … OUCH!!  And as his friends approached him, they could barely recognize him from his disease.

I don’t know if any of you have had to have a house cleaned that has “BAD” mold, but if you have (or know someone who has) you KNOW it is a LONG, expensive process and in many cases you cannot live in the house while it is being cleansed without becoming very sick.

The process of cleaning out the “BAD” mold (of course I am not real sure there is any good mold once it gets in your house) reminds me of sin/uncleanness.  Sin, like mold, begins with just a very small spot.  It grows over a period of time (maybe a long period) without being noticed, until one day it has taken over your home.  You have no clue that it is there, you just know you, or someone in your family keeps getting sick.  Then you finally have your home checked for mold and are totally blown out of the water by the findings (not to mention the bill.)  Often you have to throw out many of your belongings because of the deep impact of the mold.  And, “curing” it is often a long process in which you must leave your home for several weeks while professionals come in and get rid of it.  Doesn’t that remind you of sin??

We often don’t realize how easy it is to go from a little speck of sin to full blown destruction until we are “slapped in the face with it.”  Confessing the sin is the beginning step to healing/cleansing.  When we as believers, confess, Jesus forgives and our sin is remembered NO more. However, we often have to live with the consequences of our sin which like the mold can be a long painful process.

As you read this remember that Israel is a large nation, packed into a small area.  The Israelites are not isolated in their wilderness journey.  Outside their camps, there are all sorts of pagan religions, gods for every reason imaginable, pagan medicines, and witchcraft to heal people from diseases.  God did NOT want HIS people to be mixed in with these lifestyles because NONE of them put HIM first…. NONE!!!  God is educating HIS people on common problems and how to solve them HIS way so they do not have to go searching for solutions where un-holy practices were involved.  God wanted HIS people prepared to handle any situation with HIS solutions.

Remember this chapter is about approaching a Holy God.  He will not tolerate a “mix” of religions.

Today… I’m keeping it short… you do the same.  I don’t want to lose you in Leviticus … because there is so MUCH more ahead of us that really is exciting!!  Take a deep breath and REST in HIM.

Tomorrow…. Sex Ed 101…. NO I am not making this up… it is really there…. Just wait till we get to the Song of Solomon   🙂

Keep your eye on the prize of reading the bible in 365 …. You will never regret it 🙂

Sharing HIS love


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