This is another GREAT chart to show what the sacrifices were, what the elements of each type were, and what the purpose was.  The was from my last year’s bible study and it helped me keep the different sacrifices organized in my mind.

Burnt Offering Bull, Ram, male bird (dove or young pigeon for the poor) VOLUNTARY Act of worship; atonement for unintentional sin in general. Expression of devotion, commitment and complete surrender
Grain Offering Grain, Fine flour, olive oil, incense, baked breads, SALTNO YEAST. This accompanies burnt offering and fellowship offering along with drink offering VOLUNTARY Act of worship; recognition of God’s provision; devotion to God.
 Fellowship Offering

(Peace Offering)

ANY animal without defect from herd of flock VOLUNTARY  Act of Worship; thanksgiving and fellowship, included a communal meal

  • Thank Offering for an unexpected blessing
  • Votive Offering for deliverance from  a vow
  • Free Will offering express general gratitude
Sin Offering
  1. Young bull for high priest
  2. Male goal for leader
  3. Female goat or lamb from common person
  4. Dove or pigeon for the poor
  5. Tenth an Ephah of fine flour for the very poor


MANDATORY Atonement for specific unintentional sin; confession of sin; forgiveness of sin; cleansing of defilement
Guilt Offering  Ram of Lamb MANDATORY Atonement for unintentional sin requiring restitution; cleansing from defilement; make restitution, pay 20% fine.

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