Tomorrow we will begin reading in Exodus, and we will be here for the next 14 days.  Here is a little introduction about things we will be reading about.

Between Genesis and Exodus 300 years has passed. (Israelites live 400 years in Egypt)   Which means a NEW Pharaoh is in place ,  one that did not know Joseph and his family.  We left Genesis a family of 70 we will start Exodus a nation of 2 or 3 million.  The Theme of Exodus is Redemption and Deliverance.  This book, the second in the Pentateuch (first 5 books) ,  can be divided into a few sub categories

  • Moses (1-7)
  • The Plagues (7-13)
  • The Exodus (14-18)
  • The Law (19-24)
  • Tabernacle and Worship (25-40)

We will read of names such as Moses, Miriam, Pharaoh, Jethro (wasn’t that a band), Aaron, Joshua and Bezalel, in places in Egypt, Goshen, Mizriam, the Red Sea,  and Mount Sinai.

The title of the book comes from the Greek translation “exit” or “departure”.  Exodus gives us insight into God’s nature, and it also provides a foundation as to who God is, how we should worship Him,  His Covenants with Israel,  and His overall plan of Redemption.  We will read about the 10 commandments,( many of us have never read them from the Bible before, we just know them), but we will get to understand the Sovereignty of God and his utmost Holiness from this book.  It will begin in gloom, and end in GLORY!

A little background on what we already learned.  Egypt was settled by Ham (remember Ham)  Go back to Chapter 10, one of Noah’s sons.  Mizriam is the ancient name for Egypt.  Abraham spent some time in Egypt .   So did Jacob .  Now we will see the Hebrew nation grow for 40o years.

As we read this book think of the bondage we are in and the spiritual journey we all take (often more than once) in our lives.  And the promised land that He promises us.


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