You have already read 31 chapters of the book of JOB!!!  YIPPEE!!!  You’ve heard all JOB has had to say PLUS 3 LOOONNNNGGGGGGGG rounds of debate!

During this entire debate, there has been a young guy just sitting, listening, taking it all in.  His name was Elihu.

Pronounced: ‘ee LIE hew’, according to www.blueletterbible.org, his name means:  “He is my God”.

Elihu was mad at all of them.  He was mad at Job for not admitting any sin and mad at all of the 3 friends for arguing with Job falsely.  Elihu, remained silent because He thought EVENTUALLY one of the friends would say something wise!  After all, didn’t wisdom come with age?  They were all older than he was, yet they had nothing to say that hinted at wisdom.

FINALLY Elihu speaks up and realizes WISDOM comes from the Lord, and the Lord is going to use him to speak this time.

The next 6 Chapters are Elihu’s discourse.  It will be good but incomplete.  GOD will then come in and complete it.

“See” you tomorrow!


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