Job 14-16

Click here for the today’s reading    When you click on today’s reading you will see two versions, a parallel so you can read one or both versions.  REMEMBER… if you need to change versions… it is EASY to do…. Don’t get frustrated… just  change versions.  God wants to speak to each of us.


If today is your first day… welcome… it is NEVER too late to jump into reading God’s Word.  If you’ve have been reading and got a little behind …. NO GUILT or CONDEMNATION. God simply wants you to know Him better and the ONLY way to do that is read HIS Word.  ~~  AMEN!!

Have you EVER felt like you have been or are where Job was???  Terminal illness, chronic sickness, constant lifelong pain, death of loved ones, loneliness, depression, diagnosis of a new illness in your body, abandonment, negative moments such as rape, or car accidents, that change our lives forever can leave us thinking and feeling the way Job did.  He really does express it beautifully, yet each time I read what he has to say it produces tears (not sure if they are for him or me sometimes!.)

YET in all of Job’s emotions, he STILL does not forget God.  He states things in reference to God that are definite foreshadows of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He STILL clings to HOPE.

When I read the Bible, sometimes I have to play games with my mind so I remain focused on what is important.  The game I play on any given day may change a little but always has the same focus.  Today I played a little game of “Where is Jesus” …. I say this with all sincerity and a touch of humor but NOT with sarcasm or being sacrilegious.   My game is similar to playing “Where is Waldo” (you know, the pictures with LOTS of people where you search for the fella named Waldo).  Well, in each reading today I am searching the Word to see where Jesus is on the page (HE is on every page, you know?).  Some days I am specifically looking for foreshadows, hints or acts of redemption, hope, places where the Lord returns all that was taken away, God’s promises/covenants fulfilled, and things of that nature.  God created it all … so why not use it to “put the puzzle together”.  Then we can see God’s TOTAL message.  It truly has made it more fun for me, a challenge to conquer, and a gift of knowledge, wisdom, peace, or love for what I receive after reading the Word.

Chapter 14 – Job is still going, some of it is what I call “stinking thinking” (that phrase may have come from Joyce Meyer but I honestly can’t remember.)   One of the thoughts that crossed my mind today is WHERE is Job getting all this energy to respond to these guys?  I would be totally exhausted from the devastation and pain and total exhaustion would prevent me from continuing the conversation for so long!!  Then again… I come from a LONG line of Italians so God ONLY knows how long I could talk!!  🙂  In verses 14 – 17 … he has a glimmer of HOPE.  He is talking about RESURRECTION!!!  “If a man dies, will he live again?  HOW does he even know about this topic??  God did call him blameless and upright in Chapter 1, so maybe in some of the talks Job had with God, God shared a little with him.  I don’t know, just a thought.  IN verses 16-17 he is saying “but not keep track of my sin… and my offenses will be sealed up in a bag, you will cover over my sin.”  COULD THIS be a foreshadow of Jesus????  Isn’t it wonderful to KNOW that Jesus came to give us hope, to permanently cover all of our sins if we believe in HIM, to give us life abundant on this earth, and to give us life everlasting with HIM.

Chapter 15—RUT ROW …. My Bible heads this chapter as “Second ROUND of discussion”. OH MY HEAVENS!!!  Here goes Eliphaz AGAIN and it appears he has been saving up for a WWE smack down!!  He insults Job, is ruder, more intense, more arrogant, and more threatening.  The BAD part is that I am sure I have been an Eliphaz at least once in my life (ummmmm… hopefully just once) and pray I learned my lesson well so as not to repeat the stupidity.  When people share things with me now I always have Job’s friends running through my head (which definitely keeps me humble).

Chapter 16 – Job begins his response to Eliphaz by calling his friends “miserable comforters.” (ZING!!!)  In verse 5 Job tells Eliphaz I would encourage you and the comfort from my lips would bring you relief.  Job is blaming God for everything that has happened and there is no thought of satan (excuse my grammar but I just can’t give capitalize that name!!).  When any one has been through severe trials our human emotions often can’t tell the difference between who caused it and who allowed it because we hurt so badly and so deeply.  By verse 11 Job begins to lose hope again.  In verse 17 he restated that his “hands have been free of violence”  and his prayers pure. (not that his “friends” are listening or believe him).   Before this chapter ends with Job convinced that he is nearing death, his response to Eliphaz includes a BIG focus on GOD.  He says in verses 19-21 (NIV) CAPS are mine for emphasis:

 19 Even now my WITNESS is in heaven;
MY ADVOCATE  is on high.
20 MY INTERCESSOR  is my friend
as my eyes pour out tears to God;
21 on behalf of a man HE PLEADS WITH GOD
as one pleads for a friend.

Job is talking about a WITNESS in heaven, an ADVOCATE on high, his INTERCESSOR is his friend.


See, I told ya this was exciting 🙂


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