Tomorrow we jump head first into Job.  It is pronounced Jobe (not the thing much of our country is out looking for in today’s economy).

According to my large print “Life Application Study Bible” put out by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.,  and Zondervan, page 1012, it states the following:


Author: — Unknown, possibly Job but some have suggested it may have been Moses, Solomon, or Elihu.

Setting: — The land of Uz, probably located northeast of Palestine, near desert land between Damascus and the Euphrates River. “

Purpose: –To demonstrate God’s sovereignty and the meaning of TRUE faith.  It addresses WHY DO THE RIGHTEOUS SUFFER?”

Now the statement in the purpose is TRULY the million dollar question isn’t it?  WHY do Godly People (Righteous People) Suffer????   God KNEW from the BEGINNING (technically before the beginning of the world and before man) that we would ALL ask this very question.  WE ALL ask it (I know I have at least once :-).)  THEREFORE, God blessed us with the book of Job.  This book will also refute the idea that suffering is a punishment for sin.  It will show that God is/was/and forever will be with us in the midst of our suffering (and the good times too).

It is categorized in the wisdom or poetry section of your Bible.  REVIEW:   There are 5 sections in your Old Testament: Law, History, Wisdom (poetry), Major Prophet, Minor Prophets (Major and Minor have to do with the size of the book, not the importance.. I know.. that was kind of interesting to learn).  The time period of Job occurred during the patriarchal times (right where we left off in Genesis).  The writing of Job may be the oldest piece of literature in existence!!!

We will spend 12 days in Job.  “Why do the righteous suffer?”  This book will show the power of Satan (I REALLY DISLIKE capitalizing that name!!).  Satan is mighty, but GOD is ALMIGHTY.   We will see the limit of Satan and the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD.  The center of this story is God, not necessarily any of the people in the story.

An overview of the story of Job includes:

  1. God’s TRUST in his faithful son Job.
  2. God ALLOWS Job to be tested twice, you will see Satan’s limit under God.  PLUS I’ve read the end of our book and I KNOW how it all ends and where Satan ends up!!  🙂  Praise God!!!
  3. We will see explanations of Job’s situation by Job’s friends (in our friendships, do we treat our friends the way Job’s friends treated him??? Do you ever try to give answers to challenges your friends are facing? (rut row, I confess I have tried to do this.)  Somehow we think we have all the answers, don’t we?
  4. God is revealed.  When we see God, we will then see ourselves.
  5. It is an awesome account of a man who went through hell on earth, but in the end REDEMPTION!!  God so returned much more than Job could have ever imagine!!  Ummmmm… I think we are already seeing a theme in our few short days of being together of REDEMPTION.


Sharing HIS love,


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