Descendants of Adam and of NOAH Genesis 1-11

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In the beginning….. ADAM & EVE
sons of Adam & Even named in the Bible (they had many other children) CAIN (1st born, killed Abel), ABEL (2nd born, died young), SETH
son of CAIN – ENOCH (not the same Enoch who was taken up by God and did not die)
descendents of SETH (listed individually below)
ENOCH (means dedicated & God took him before the flood so he did not die on earth or go through the flood). ENOCH was faithful and spent great time with the Lord.
Methuselah (man who lived to be the oldest)
NOAH had three sons and they are listed in separate columns) Noah walked in habitual fellowship with God. (His son’s descendants indented under them.)
SHEM (God’s chosen people/Hebrews come from him) HAM (think about “pig”) — low landers JAPHETH (Gentiles)
Elam (Gen 9:22 – Ham saw Noah naked, made fun, Noah cursed Canaan and he will be the servant of servants) Gomer
Asshur Cush Magog
Arphaxad Nimrod (mighty hunter) Assyria, Ninevah Madai
Salah Babel (Land of Shinar in Babylonia) Javan
Eber Mizraim (Egypt) Tubal
Peleg … Phut (Philistines) Meshech
ABRAM Canaan (CANAANITES, Sidon, Heth (Hittites) Tiras

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